Faceted Malachite Natural Round Beads Green Gemstones Beads Natural Malachite Beads up to 4mm 15.5″ Full Strand PRP359

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– Material: Gemstone Beads and Jewelry– Size: 2mm, 3mm and 4mm– Hole Size: 0.7mm– Quantity: 1-Strand– Color: Faceted Malachite– Stone: It has been said to protect against falling and has been wrapped over bruises and...

– Material: Gemstone Beads and Jewelry
– Size: 2mm, 3mm and 4mm
– Hole Size: 0.7mm
– Quantity: 1-Strand
– Color: Faceted Malachite
– Stone: It has been said to protect against falling and has been wrapped over bruises and broken bones to help with tissue regeneration and healing.

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Lead Free & Cadmium Free & Nickel Free



All of our jewelry pieces are delicate and need extra care and love. As such, please:

– Take off the jewelry if you plan to get wet such as going to the beach, pool, shower, bath, spa etc.
– Remove the jewelry before going to sleep, exercise or if you plan to do any physically strenuous activities. This is to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear.
– Put on the jewelry last, only after you apply any make-up, skin care products, perfume, hairspray, etc.
– Avoid contact with any harsh chemicals such as household cleaners, acid, alkali, corrosive substances, etc. This includes not using any chemical jewelry cleaners.
– Wipe down your jewelry with a soft, lint-free polishing cloth and store in a sealed bag or box in a cool dry place.

* Will not compensate, replace, or refund for the slight imperfections, defects, or damages such as paint chipping, scratches, slight color variations from photo, and/or minor detail issues or minor damages.